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What is Astra?

Invento has built the Astra-L to disinfect the items that may be contaminated with the Corona and other dangerous microbes. This innovation sterilises the daily use products like PPE, mobile phones, Food & e-commerce delivery packages etc through powerful UVC light.. Astra-L can kill viruses on any surface with in less than 5 minutes & keep your families & customers safe!

  • 360 degree disinfection
  • User friendly design
  • < 5 minute disinfection
  • Zero chemicals
  • 40 liter capacity
  • Suitable for Home & Office
Astra Use Cases

Disinfect Everything!

Astra-L works on multiple surfaces such as Metal, wood, plastic, fabric, paper & others. You can use it to sanitise a wide range of house hold items.

  • E-commerce delivery packages
  • Food packages
  • Mobile phones
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Footwear
  • Keys
  • Baby milk bottles
  • Face Mask

How it Works

Astra-l is an easy to use device safe for homes retail & Offices.
Please find the following steps to understand how to use it:

  • SETUP : Place the device on any flat surface.
  • ARRANGE : Open the easy to operate top lid/ Front lid and place items such as groceries, masks, etc on the metal structure/ request the delivery person to place the items directly into the chamber.
  • SANITISE : Turn on the pre-programmed safety switch which starts the 5-Minute disinfection cycle. Once the timer is up, take out the 100% disinfected items.

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